Another bite of chocolate?

Even though tasting our Lyra chocolate can take your indulgence to entirely new heights and make you fall head over heels for it, we do not keep any secrets from you. To make sure it has an irresistible smell, velvety softness and a deep, intense taste, we keep an eye on every detail - from planting and flowering cocoa trees to wrapping the finished chocolate bars.

cocoa beans Fino de Aroma

Why does our chocolate boast an exceptional aroma and taste? Because, to produce it, we use Fino de Aroma cocoa beans which are the best the world's plantations have to offer. They represent only five percent of global production and require far more hard manual work from small farmers than large-scale mechanized farms.

Fino de Aroma cocoa beans are pale and deliver a full, intense taste with floral and fruity undertones. They are exquisitely creamy, delicate and entwined in a variety of flavours, just like good wine. We are there every step of the way, starting from the plantation and the very trees on which they grow. Therefore, we pride ourselves on taking ownership of the entire production process of our chocolate - from the tree to the finished bars.

Chocolate production

The more we grow, the more we learn to appreciate the importance of milestones we have passed in search of the perfect chocolate. We are writing our own story about responsibility, fairness and determination.

Sme pri každom jednom kroku spracovania kakaových bôbov - od stromu až po tabuľku čokolády, aby bola naozaj dokonalá. Tretinu chuti udávajú kakaové bôby samotné. Takmer polovica chuti sa formuje pri ich fermentácii. Len neveľký zvyšok dokážeme vyladiť priamo v našej čokoládovni.


When cocoa trees on small family farms and in the rainforests of India start to bear their fruits, their pods carry ripening cocoa beans. They look like the seeds of a tropical fruit in which you would expect to find anything but the taste of chocolate.

If harvested at the right time, the beans together with the pulp change their taste during the fermentation process. They are placed in wooden crates and left to ferment in a subtropical climate for almost a week to undergo an amazing transformation into gourmet chocolate. The fruity tones are reduced to give way to a deep cocoa aroma.

The wet, slimy cocoa beans must be dried to stop fermentation and develop their taste. The drying process takes place in direct sunlight to prevent mould infestation. The taste is being rounded and intensified. This is where it will be kept fresh.

Primeval forests and plantations are full of life - insects, yeasts and bacteria, all of which must be removed once the cocoa beans have been transported from family farms and sorted. Hot steam helps us to preserve the clean, natural character of the beans.

Just as coffee beans deepen their colour, flavour and taste during roasting, cocoa beans undergo a fairly similar treatment. We are faced with the daunting task of finding the right roasting temperature and time for each phase of the roasting process to make sure that the finished chocolate has the perfect taste.

The roasted, cooled cocoa beans are cut up into pieces so that it is possible to remove the barren husks that coat each of the seeds. At this point, we are only left with the concentrated natural product of the cocoa beans stripped of any unnecessary components.

As soon as the chopped beans are blended with sugar and milk between the rollers of the machine, they will turn into a milk chocolate base. The longer the rollers work, the finer the result. Perfection is achieved by connecting the rolling machine to conching drums powerful enough to develop and release even the subtlest flavours and aromas.

Nevertheless, the melted chocolate would not be soft and tender enough if we just let it cool down on its own. We have to temper it to encourage controlled crystallization and solidification into moulds to form the right structure. The most telling indicator of quality is the sound and feel of chocolate as you break it. Sometimes we add nuts, while at other times we are in the mood for a bit of fruit. Each table is different - prepared according to one of our recipes.

Wrapping the bars and storing them in boxes and warehouses, as well as delivering them to shops, is just the final stage of the process which allows you to become part of our enjoyable adventure. Maybe right now you're savouring a square of chocolate yourself while reading these sweet lines.

KAROL STÝBLO Chocolatier

The passion, skill and talent of the world-renowned chocolatier Karol Stýblo enables you to pamper yourself with the intoxicating aroma and taste of Lyra chocolates. Whenever he hand-picks new cocoa beans, adjusts the production technology or refines the recipe of the upcoming new products, he aims to make your tasting experience all the more intense.

2019 Passed the Level III chocolate testing certification exam in Lima
2018 Passed the Level I and II chocolate testing certification exam in London
2016 Completed the Bean to Bar production internship, Aalst
2015 Obtained the title of Fino de Aroma Master Chef Chocolatier, Bogota
2014 Completed the Chocolate Beyond the Basic internship, Aalst
2014 Completed an internship at Emanuel Hammon, Brest
2012 Visited Colombia for the first time
2008 Established LYRA GROUP s.r.o.


Those who have visited our company store know very well that, in addition to chocolate, we have also discovered our passion for ice cream. We are trying to uncover its essence and see it as it used to be at the time when its story began.

We create ZmrzLyra to reflect the taste of our chocolate - its full flavour and creamy texture to make sure that the quality of the used ingredients stands out as much as possible. ZmrzLyra consists of the same ingredients as our chocolate - only the recipe is different. Thanks to this, you can taste something refreshingly new and unique during the hot summer days. And yet, the ice cream is comfortingly familiar thanks to the quality of Fino de Aroma cocoa beans, as you know it from Lyra chocolate.

We do not shy away from fruits from Slovak farms, which uphold the ecological approach to cultivation. ZmrzLyra is our culinary adventure resulting in a delightfully tasty ice-cream.

Another bite of chocolate?

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